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MTB Sunn Modular 2010

TEST & DESCRIPTION Sunn Modular: A Crosscountry MTB "Old School" (steel frame!) but also modern by its decoration! A mixture of tradition and modernism! The advantages of steel: the comfort and strength. And this, combined with an efficient geometry and honourable equipment, with a total weight very correct: Under 12kg! This bike a little unusual will bring you to all the trails, ride mode as in training!

MTB Sunn Radical S1 2010

TEST & DESCRIPTION Sunn Radical S1: This MTB with full suspension is clearly oriented DH Downhill! The Sunn Radical has already won many official races! A reference in the DH world! Its geometry is well thought with the suspensions, and the center of gravity is lowered for greater stability and balance, and its weight is relatively light for a DH! Several positive features that make it a machine for DH demanding drivers!

MTB Sunn Kern Finest 2011

TEST & DESCRIPTION Sunn Kern Finest 2011: The Kern is certainly one of the most versatile mountain bike from Sunn brand. Light, strong, stable and 140 mm front & rear suspensions, this MTB has good skills for both crosscountry and all mountain / enduro, or even in soft Freeride MTB session (with tires more suited). Tremendous versatility! Price: 3999 Euro. Weight: 11.4 kg.

MTB Sunn Travis 2011

TEST & DESCRIPTION Sunn Travis 2011: First prize Sunn MTB brand. Price: 499 euros. For this price, the brakes are hydraulic, the travel of the fork is 100mm (rare at this price!), and most importantly, the frame construction is signed Sunn (6061 Double Butted). In short, a simple mountain bike with equipment "entry level " but correct! To begin and progress in crosscountry MTB! Weight: 13.35 kg.

MTB Sunn Tzar S2 2011

TEST & DESCRIPTION Sunn Tzar S2 2011: Here is an all mountain enduro bike very atypical, with only one front suspension (travel: 150mm) and a steel frame. Strength and sensation authentic guaranteed! And as a bonus, a very instinctive maneuverability, extremely accurate! With the Sunn Tzar, the technical courses are not intended only to full suspension mountain bike! Price: 1199 Euro. Weight: 13.1 kg.

MTB Sunn Modular S1 2011

TEST & DESCRIPTION Sunn Modular S1 2011: A bicycle frame "steel 4130 CrMo double butted" associated with a very contemporary design, this Sunn Modular S1 MTB is a good marriage between Old School and modernism! Steel gives authenticity, strength and true comfort! The design and equipment of the bike perfectly fit this bike for every day! Good bike for crosscountry and the rest! Price: 1099 Euro. Weight: 11.7 kg.

MTB Sunn Charger Finest 2011

TEST & DESCRIPTION Sunn Charger Finest 2011: All the know-how of the Sunn Brand was put into this bike for all mountain enduro! The frame is aluminum + steel. Steel is more durable than aluminum, so the diameter of the tubes was reduced without reducing the robustness of the bike. Associated with this frame, Sunn chose equipment exclusively "high end ". Result: a marvel! Price: 5199 Euro. Weight: average.

MTB Sunn Radical S2 2011

TEST & DESCRIPTION Sunn Radical S2 2011: MTB for Downhill DH really famous, the Radical is already known for a long time, and improved every year! This season, the innovation is mainly in the wishbone of the suspension: now steel, for durability and efficiency! The Radical is the MTB team Sunn Montgenèvre! Here in version "Radical S2" more affordable! Price: 2899 Euro. Weight: in the average!

MTB Sunn Shamann Finest 2011

TEST & DESCRIPTION Sunn Shamann Finest 2011: In several tests, this Sunn Shamann MTB is on the podium ahead of MTBs with 120 to 140mm travel. Sunn engineers have worked with Rock Shox, on the shock, specially optimized with the kinematics of the Shamann. Result: no effect of pumping! Maximum efficiency. Great mountain bike for crosscountry! Weight: 9.9 kg only! Price: 4599 Euro.

MTB Sunn Kern LT S2 2010

TEST & DESCRIPTION Sunn Kern LT S2: This Enduro MTB with Full Suspension is a particularly versatile and comfortable bike, compatible with All Mountain and Freeride use! Already famous as a bike already elected Enduro Bike of the Year in 2007 and 2008 by VTT mag! Good mountain bike!

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