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MTB Lapierre X Control 310 2012

TEST & DESCRIPTION Lapierre X Control 310 2012: Full suspension, lightweight, affordable, FPS2 technology, fork RockShox Recon Gold of 120 mm of travel, and Formula RX brakes, the X-Control 310 is displayed as the most powerful model of the series "X-Control" (4 different models in total). A good mountain bike for Crosscountry, with a good ratio motricity / grip / comfort. Price: € 1599. Weight of bike: 12.8 kg.

REVIEW of Bikereserve.com: With some important elements, including weight, fork, brakes and tires, the Lapierre X-Control 310 is more efficient than the bikes Lapierre X-Control 210 and X-Control 110. The FPS2 technology, which contributes greatly to the reputation of the X-Control family, brings a contact with the ground particularly interesting in terms of comfort and performance. The pumping effects are greatly reduced. The grip is maximized. Ditto for the motricity. A perfect bike for mountain bikers looking to upgrade their level.

SPECIFICATIONS MTB Lapierre X Control 310 2012 :

Price: 1599 euros

Bike weight: 12,8 kg

Fork: RockShox Recon Gold, 120mm

Rear Shock: Lapierre R Hydraulic Damping Technology, 100mm

Frame: Lapierre X Control 310, Aluminium, technologie FPS2

Brakes: Formula RX, 160/160mm

Stem: Lapierre Raid Series

Handlebars: Lapierre Raid Series

Front Derailleur: Shimano SLX

Rear Derailleur: Shimano SLX

Crankset: Shimano FCM552

Rims: Mach 1 Neo Disc

Tires: Michelin Wild Grip'R 26x2,1 / Michelin Wild Race'R 26x2,1

Seatpost: Lapierre Raid Series

Saddle: Italia X1

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