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MTB Sunn Shamann Finest 2011

TEST & DESCRIPTION Sunn Shamann Finest 2011: In several tests, this Sunn Shamann MTB is on the podium ahead of MTBs with 120 to 140mm travel. Sunn engineers have worked with Rock Shox, on the shock, specially optimized with the kinematics of the Shamann. Result: no effect of pumping! Maximum efficiency. Great mountain bike for crosscountry! Weight: 9.9 kg only! Price: 4599 Euro.

REVIEW of Bikereserve.com: No pumping, so a superior performance to normal. A super light weight for a full suspension mountain bike, a super comfortable riding position, this Shamann Mtb is ready for medium and long distances in any terrain! A sure thing! To test absolutely! And for those looking for a lower price, Sunn has thought of everything, there are Shamann S1 and Shamann S2 more affordable but a little less technical.

SPECIFICATIONS MTB Sunn Shamann Finest 2011:

Price: 4599 euros

Bike weight: 9,9 kg

Fork: Rock Shox Sid WC Carbon 100mm

Shock: Rock Shox Monarch RT3 100mm

Frame: Sunn Shamann Alpha Tubing

Brakes: Formula R1 160mm

Stem: UN Premium SL

Handlebars: UN Premium 600-0 SL

Derailleur Front: Sram X0

Derailleur Rear: Sram X0

Crankset: Sram X0 2.2

Rims: American Classic MTB 26 tubless

Tires: Hutchinson Piranha AL 26x2,0

Seatpost: UN Premium 350

Saddle: SDG I Fly RL Titanium

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